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Last edited on: August 17, 2017.

Pure Flix recently released a new sitcom ‘Hitting the Breaks’ on their popular streaming service The series is not the first of Pure Flix’s original programming (for TV shows). In 2016, the company released The Encounter series, based on the popular movies of the same name.

The Encounter series was almost unanimously well-received, with many taking to social media to show their positive enthusiasm for the show. One fan said, “I just watched the movie #Encounter it’s a #PureFlix movie. So powerful! I am still in awe #ThankYouJesus for your grace and mercy.” Another said, “Watching The Encounter the series and man just as good as the movies!”

Pure Flix’s streaming service has become the go-to place for Christians to find movies, documentaries, shows, and educational material that is both family-friendly and has a biblical worldview.

The synopsis for Hitting the Breaks is as follows:

Ex-racecar driver Randy Wilcox moves his family from Atlanta to a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado when he inherits The Serenity Inn, a struggling bed and breakfast previously owned by his parents. Out of his element and insecure about his future, Randy’s life is further complicated by an assortment of local eccentrics in a town that exists in an illogical world governed by rules that continue to baffle him.

Pure Flix is also planning on releasing more original family-friendly content. For example, a new TV series is expected to debut next year entitled Malibu Dan.

Go to for more information on the sitcom ‘Hitting the Breaks’!




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