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Last edited on: October 25, 2017.

Watch the trailer to the ‘I’ll Push You‘ documentary!

The synopsis for the film is as follows:

Born just over 36 hours apart, Justin & Patrick are life-long friends with a rich, deep relationship that spans beyond 40 years. They travel together, live life together through its ups and downs, and most importantly, will do anything for each other.

The documentary shows the power of a strong Christian friendship. When one man gets a disease that causes his muscles to deteriorate and leave him unable to do even the easiest of tasks, his best friend comes alongside him to do the impossible. The sacrificial brotherly love displayed in I’ll Push You is infectious!

I’ll Push You to be released by Fathom Events in theaters for one night, November 2nd. Don’t miss this inspiring and motivational story of true faith and brotherly friendship! There’s even a non-profit organization connected to the project, encouraging people to reach beyond their limitations and achieve the impossible. They’re urging us to write hand-written letters of thanks to the people who have “pushed” us. For more information on the documentary, visit the official website here!

Also, learn more about the documentary I Am Israel, celebrating the Jubilee of a united Jerusalem!




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