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What would you do if your 10 year old child went into vegetative state after a hit from a drunk driver, and his vital organs were needed to save the life of another? This life-shattering dilemma is the dramatic premise for the new Pure Flix movie A Question of Faith!

The film follows three families, from three different ethnic backgrounds, who find themselves facing down the decision of a lifetime that unites them in pain, but ultimately sets them free through forgiveness. In the converging experience, the characters are transformed by the resurrecting power of God’s love, grace,and mercy! A Question of Faith is full of twists and surprises that people from all walks of life will relate to on a personal level.

The accomplished cast includes Richard T. Jones (Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married, Judging Amy), Kim Fields (Facts of Life), C. Thomas Howell (The Amazing Spiderman, E.T.), Gregory Alan Williams (Greenleaf, All Saints), platinum Christian recording artist Jaci Velasquez (I’m Not Ashamed), and T.C. Stallings (War Room, Courageous).

War Room’s T.C. Stallings plays a passionate, devoted young Christian man in the movie. Stallings is a former professional athlete who is now playing in successful redemptive movies and television. With his winning smile and charismatic personality, Stallings landed a role on Animal Planet’s King of the Jungle reality show in 2004. Emerging as the show’s champion, he then transitioned to fitness modeling for a period of four years.

In 2008, after being inspired by the movie Fireproof, T.C. Stallings reached out to filmmaking brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Stallings landed the role of “T.J.” in the 2011 hit movie, Courageous, making his film debut. He then felt a calling to pursue acting full time. After 90 days of prayer, he gave up a successful personal training business in Louisville and headed for Hollywood, signing with agents for acting, modeling, and commercial.

T.C. landed commercials, followed by three more film roles. But T.C.’s career reached new heights with his breakout performance as Tony Jordan in the 2015 hit film, War Room, which soared to #1 in the box office in its second week.

'War Room's T.C. Stallings and Richard T. Jones star in 'A Question of Faith'

‘War Room’s T.C. Stallings and Richard T. Jones star in ‘A Question of Faith’. Photo Courtesy Silver Lining Entertainment

He then landed a nomination for Best Actor at the ICFF for his lead role in God’s Compass, followed by a Best Actor win at the CFF for his supporting lead role in Unbridled. T.C. also had continued success in booking TV commercials with notable companies, with two of these featured during the Rio Olympics and the 2016 Superbowl.

T.C. became a busy keynote speaker in and out of the country. On December 1, 2015, he released his new book, The Pursuit: 14 Ways in 14 Days to Passionately Seek God’s Purpose For Your Life followed by a second in 2017 entitled, Playing on God’s Team.

Sonoma Christian Home had the pleasure of meeting with T.C. Stallings at Movieguide in LA for an insightful, exclusive interview. SCH Editor At Large Dr. Diane Howard reports.


'A Question of Faith' stars T.C. Stallings and Kim Fields.

‘A Question of Faith’ stars T.C. Stallings and Kim Fields. Photo Courtesy Silver Lining Entertainment

SCH: Please tell us about your journey with our Lord.

T.C.: I was born in a rough part of Cleveland to a single mom. I did not know my dad. I was the youngest of six with a different father than my siblings. My mom wanted things to be right for me and took me to church. In college the scriptures became important to me and I began to grow in the Lord. In college, I gave my all to football and became a pro athlete after college. It was seeing the movie, Fireproof, that began to move me in a new direction. I saw the impact of that movie, as people were crying and talking about their marriages in the theater. I began to desire to act in movies to use that platform to share the Christian life, truth, and scriptures.  I am also thankful to be able to write and speak about the scriptures.

SCH:  Why do you wear a P around your neck?

T.C.: A week before my first role, I didn’t have a sense of urgency about doing important things. As I was driving that day in 2010, I was involved in a serious car accident. I could have died. God seemed to ask me if my life was about me or Him. I realized that life is like a mist. I did not want to forget that day. I began to want to live for the will of the Father and began to wear the “P” attached to the key-less entry device belonging to the SUV I had been driving during the accident. To me the letter “P” stands for “purpose.” I kept the device as a reminder to never assume I would see another day and to spend each day fulfilling his God-given purpose in life.

SCH: What is the basic premise of your book, The Pursuit: 14 Ways in 14 Days to Passionately Seek God’s Purpose For Your Life?

T.C.: This is the story of trading my will for His. It is about how I left pro football and how I came to understand that God has a pre-packed purpose for us. See Psalm 139:16, “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; And in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me, when as yet there was not one of them.) This book also includes a 14-day devotional.

SCH: How is your second book, Playing On God’s Team, different from the first?

T.C.:  This is my story of how I made Jesus Lord. It is about how I was challenged to give my relationship with the Lord the same kind of discipline and energy I gave football.  It also includes a devotional.  See I Corinthians 9: 23-24, “I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings. 24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” This book also includes a devotional.

'A Question of Faith' tells the story of three families brought together in tragedy.

‘A Question of Faith’ tells the story of three families brought together in tragedy. Photo Courtesy Silver Lining Entertainment

SCH: What attracted you to the story and your character in A Question of Faith?

T.C.: This movie shows the tough, difficult, painful side of the Christian life. My character is an accountability partner to the pastor. This is a valuable role for Christians.

SCH:      Pastor Newman, the lead character in the film, struggles with forgiveness after a driver hits his young son. What was it like to see this storyline unfold as a parent?

T.C.: It made me want to make the most of each day with my children.

SCH:  Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, C. Thomas Howell, and Jaci Velasquez all co-star in this film. Explain what working with this cast was like.

T.C.:  It was great working with them. I grew up watching them on TV. It was a joy to be with them as people.

Platinum-selling Christian artist Jaci Velasquez plays a struggling mother in 'A Question of Faith'.

Platinum-selling Christian artist Jaci Velasquez plays a struggling mother in ‘A Question of Faith’. Photo Courtesy Silver Lining Entertainment

SCH:  What do you hope audiences take away from this movie?

T.C.: I hope this movie will prepare audiences for the tough, difficult, painful times in life. I hope they will see that life can be painful but at the same time purposeful.

SCH: Why do you think redemptive movies are important today?

T.C.: They can stay in our heart and minds to help us deal with scriptural principles in our real lives and for eternity.

'A Question of Faith' stars 80's teen stars C. Thomas Howell and Kim Fields.

‘A Question of Faith’ stars 80’s teen stars C. Thomas Howell (‘The Outsiders’) and Kim Fields (‘The Facts of Life’). Photo Courtesy Silver Lining Entertainment

T.C. Stallings, former pro athlete, and now actor, speaker, and writer, emphasizes the importance of presenting the Truth of scriptures in all that he does. In A Question of Faith, he wants to present Truth that will help audiences get through the tough times. When tragedy strikes three families in A Question of Faith, their destiny forces them on a converging path to discover God’s love, grace and mercy as the challenges of their fate also resurrect their beliefs.

Pastor David Newman is a loving husband and father. However, as he is set to take over his dad’s church, he neglects the promises he’s made to his darling 12-year-old son, Eric. In the meantime, Kate Hernandez, a spiritually driven single-parent and owner of a local restaurant, has a daughter Maria, a free-spirited teenager aspiring to be the first in her family to go to college. In the triangle of families who lives will fatefully converge, John Danielson is the owner of a failing construction company. He sees his daughter Michelle’s fledgling singing career as a way out of financial trouble.

C. Thomas Howell and Renee O' Connor ('Xena: Warrior Princess') portray husband and wife John and Mary in 'A Question of Faith.'

C. Thomas Howell and Renee O’ Connor (‘Xena: Warrior Princess’) portray husband and wife John and Mary in ‘A Question of Faith.’ Photo Courtesy Silver Lining Entertainment


When two twists of fate strike back to back, the lives of these strangers collide. First, while texting and driving in her car, Maria accidentally hits Eric, which lands Maria in jail and leaves Eric’s family with an unthinkable dilemma. Second, while auditioning for a major record label, Michelle collapses, leading to a discovery about her health which rocks the very foundation of her father’s dream.

All three diverse families find themselves at a crossroads, questioning their faith and God who guides their lives. As each family member deals with their severe challenges, their worlds start to intersect and intertwine. This leads to a chain of difficult events, which unknowingly brings the three families closer and closer together and each to redemption.


For more information and to see some from the movie, visit their site.


Here are what some are saying about this movie:

“Awesome. A moving experience of the demonstration of the power of faith, forgiveness, and

focus for the future. I love it.”

-Bishop Neil C. Ellis, Presiding Bishop of the Global United Fellowship


“We all come to a place where we must trust the lord by faith and this movie makes you want to live by faith. The must-see faith movie of the year!”

– Pastor Ben Graham, Music City Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee


“Every politician, faith leader and American must see this powerful view into the grace and forgiveness that Jesus brings when we humble ourselves. A must- see for all!”

– Nathan Kistler, Director Of Hope To The Hill In Washington Dc


This outstanding movie is distributed by Pure Flix, which has become the largest independent faith and family studio in the world. Their recent releases include The Case for Christ, I’m Not Ashamed, God’s Not Dead 2, God’s Not Dead, Do You Believe?, Woodlawn and the upcoming Same Kind of Different as Me.




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