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Last edited on: December 1, 2017.

Christian Cinema Weekly recently released their first episode, a show on Christian movie News!

Kevin McCreary is a YouTube personality known for holding Christian movies up to the same standards as secular ones. His YouTube channel, Say Goodnight Kevin, is popular for its humorous take on the Christian film industry. While some say he’s overly critical of faith-based films, Christian Cinema decided to hire him for a new series of videos that present Christian movie news!

You can watch the first episode (or pilot, if you will) below. It’s only a few minutes long, and it will likely reflect the direction the series will take in the future.

In the first video, Kevin briefs the audience on a few new developments in the entertainment industry. First, he shows us around the set of God’s Not Dead 3 (which is being filmed now) and interviews David AR White. Then he mentions a new film called On Wings like Eagles, an unofficial sequel to the classic movie Chariots of Fire. Finally, he talks about Pure Flix’s new biblical epic, Samson.

Did you like the first video? Vote by clicking the “thumbs up” sign on YouTube!


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