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Last edited on: November 30, 2017.

Why does evil dominate the world?

You could frame the question a number of ways. If the Creator God is so good, why is there so much evil in the world? How can God be perfectly righteous and ordain the presence of unrighteousness? John MacArthur addresses this question in his sermon, which you can watch in its full extent through the video above.

The question serves as a stumbling block for Christians and non-believers alike. Perhaps we need to start with who we know God is. He does not contradict himself. He is a just God, and a loving God, and yet he lets his creation have free will. It’s honestly quite hard to wrap your mind around, but I believe it boils down to our relationship with God.

God is a relational being. In fact, He existed in three persons before time began, in a perfect relationship with himself! He didn’t need anyone else, but He chose to create humans in His image to be in a relationship with Him. He gave us free will so we could choose to love Him, and express our love to Him. Obviously, with that choice comes the potential for evil.

We may never understand the mystery of free will, or the full extent of God’s nature, but John MacArthur does a great job touching on all the bases. Please take the time to watch it – you won’t regret it!

What do you think about his message “Why does evil dominate the world”? Please comment your thoughts below!


Also, be inspired by John Piper’s short message The Glory of God!




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