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Last edited on: November 23, 2017.

Watch John Piper’s short message on Christian gratitude during Thanksgiving above!

In the video, the trusted preacher and theologian argues that “repaying God” for all that He’s done for us shouldn’t be our primary motivation for doing good things. That’s not true thanksgiving. There are many problems with this view, but perhaps the most important one is the fact that we can never repay God – we’ll always be indebted to Him. In fact, no matter what we do we are constantly falling deeper and deeper into His mercy.

Instead of trying to repay God for His grace and mercy, let’s instead be motivated by His love for us to love others. Let’s be humble, caring, and selfless, in everything reflecting God’s image. Let’s be bearers of the light, telling everyone we know about Jesus – about the gospel.

Thank God for the universe. Thank God for creating you! Thank Him for your family, friends, home, accomplishments, special events, milestones crossed, new members of the family, victories big and small… the list goes on! Best of all, this world is temporary. All the pain and brokenness that we often overlook on Thanksgiving will soon pass away and be replaced by an eternity of joy!

Happy thanksgiving to all from Sonoma Christian Home! Our God is a great God!


If you enjoy John Piper’s messages, check out this video about God and His glory!

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