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Last edited on: February 9, 2018.

Every Christian has a testimony! Watch the video below to watch pastor Greg Laurie’s explanation.

Sometimes people in the church are discouraged because they don’t see in themselves a dramatic transformation from evil to good. Maybe they grew up in the church, or maybe they already lived a moral lifestyle before they accepted Christ.

Maybe that’s you today. Perhaps you were young when you became a Christian, so you don’t remember your lifestyle before the change happened. Or maybe you remember becoming a Christian, but it wasn’t until later that you began to fall in love with Jesus.

There are countless stories of people who have unbelievable testimonies of darkness to light, death to life. Stories of people addicted to drugs who found freedom at the cross. Stories of kids in gangs who had their hearts transformed at the core. But are these testimonies really that different from yours?

Greg Laurie says that if you’re a Christian, you have a testimony. Every Christian has a basic testimony, and this is it: you were a person separated from God by your sin, and you were headed ultimately to hell. But God in His love reached out to you and forgave you of your sin, and you responded to that. Because of that, you are going to heaven.

Your testimony is worth sharing!


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  1. Don Graves

    You short videos are immediately usable because they are connect so quickly to “what’s happening in our challenges. Thank you.


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