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Last edited on: April 24, 2018.

Watch the video below to see the ‘Fragments of Truth’ documentary trailer!

The documentary tackles a topic enormously important to Christianity today. Are the Scriptures reliable? Are the events recorded in them actual history. Is the Bible really the inspired Word of God? As Christians, we believe the Bible is God’s revelation to man – it is the source for life-changing truth.

But why do we have so much confidence in these parchments, written and collected over the course of thousands of years? This Christian documentary, Fragments of Truth, answers these questions and more. In the film, Dr. Craig Evans explores new archaeological evidence and refutes the best arguments from skeptics.

The documentary is being shown in theaters for a one-night event (through Fathom Events) on April 24th! Fathom Events is the same company that released great films like Genesis: Paradise Lost and Chonda Pierce’s movie.

Fragments of Truth is produced by Faithlife Films and stars actor John Rhys-Davies (Beyond the Mask).

What do you think of the trailer? Do you plan on seeing the film in theaters or when in comes to DVD format? Let us know in the comments below!


God’s words are reliable, and they still speak to people and change lives to this day!

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