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Last edited on: April 16, 2018.

Pastor John MacArthur gives advice on how to share the gospel with others!

Sometimes it can be tempting to exchange the simplicity of the gospel for convincing arguments, sneaky strategies, and emotional manipulation. These methods, John MacArthur argues, are missing the point entirely.

As Christians, we are called to defend our faith. However, the Bible doesn’t tell us to convince our friends and peers of the truth. In fact, it is not by our power that people believe at all!

When someone becomes a Christian, God does a miracle in that person’t life. It is entirely His doing. Maybe we need to step aside and let the Holy Spirit do His work! Do we throw away rationality? By no means! We should, however, fully understand that it is not our job to convince people of the truth of the gospel. It is only our job to share it.


Take joy in the simplicity of the gospel! Even a child can understand it! We are sinners, under God’s judgement. But God sent His son Jesus, because He loved us so much, to become one of us and take our punishment. Now when we accept God’s forgiveness through Jesus we can be in a relationship with Him! Heaven awaits!


What do you think of John MacArthur’s video? Let us know in the comments below! Also, watch John Piper’s video about fighting for joy!



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