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Last edited on: April 18, 2018.

Faith film funding just got democratized, as Kind Katie movie offers innovative crowdfunding, as it launches the first-ever online equity crowdfunding for a faith film. Now anyone can be a film investor!  This innovation in film funding means someone can invest as little as $100 and become an equity partner in this film.

Crowd-sourced funding has commonly offered ways to raise money through individual donations to a project via an online platform. Equity crowdfunding is unique due to a recent change in federal law that allows actual equity investment through crowdfunding in a project such as Kind Katie. Now producers of Kind Katie seek micro-investors for the $1 million-plus film. Learn more about Kind Katie Equity Crowdfunding.

'Kind Katie' movie offers innovative crowdfunding

Katie Beth Carter dreamed of becoming a Marching Ballerina.

“A family of four can see a movie and enjoy popcorn and a Coke for about $100, or that same family could invest in a film and help make it a reality,” said Jon G. Graham, the film’s co-writer and co-producer. “We’re breaking new ground. We’re building a model for film investment that is sure to impact entertainment in the long run—and immediately, it will bring this amazing story to the screen.”

Kind Katie is based on the true story of Katie Beth Carter, who dreamed of becoming a Marching Ballerina at Jacksonville State University. She made the Marching Ballerina team and danced in one university game before her tragic death on Labor Day 2016.

Katie chose to participate in a mission trip. She died tragically in a car accident after her return. In the wake of her death, the amazing outpouring of love and mission service by her friends inspired a film about her life and led to a school built in her honor in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua. Ultimately her life has had greater impact than her dreams.

The final scene of the film Kind Katie shows the grand opening of Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua.  The filmmakers traveled there in February 2018 for that very occasion.  See the short documentary that details the impact Katie Beth’s legacy is having 3,000 miles away from her home as some of the poorest people in Nicaragua now have a school for their children and they are learning life-changing skills.

The final scene of the film Kind Katie shows the grand opening of Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua. 'Kind Katie' movie offers innovative crowdfunding

The final scene of the film Kind Katie shows the grand opening of Katie Beth Carter Memorial Institute in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua.

Learn more online about the story of Kind Katie and the team developing a new equity funding strategy. Sonoma Christian Home also has an exclusive interview with Jon Graham about the new micro-investment equity film funding strategy for this film. SCH Editor at Large Dr. Howard asks some specific questions, seeking answers and solutions for faith-film producers faced with the daunting challenges of raising production funds for faith-based films.

SCH: Is this movie in development?

JG: Yes.

SCH: How much have you raised in the development stage?

JG: We have brought in about $75,000.

SCH: Do you already have a budget?

JG: We have a one-million-dollar budget.

SCH: What has been accomplished in the development stage with your initial funds?

JG: Initial development funds have provided for development needs and marketing.

SCH: Has the screenplay been written yet?

JG: Yes.

'Kind Katie' movie offers innovative crowdfunding

SCH: Has the cast been selected?

JG: A few cast members have been selected.

SCH: Will additional funds pay for a casting director?

JG: Yes.

SCH: Will additional raised funds pay for someone to direct?

JG: Yes.

SCH: Are you planning to hire a line producer?

JG: Yes, we are looking to hire a line producer to manage the budget and operations of the film.

SCH: What else will raised funds pay for?

JG: The other expenses for producing, filming, and afterwards securing distributorship.

SCH: Where are you filming?

JG: Primarily in Georgia in Jacksonville, due to Georgia tax incentives.

SCH: Will you be able to film on location in Nicaragua?

JG: Yes, if needed funds come in.

SCH: When do you hope to start filming?

JG: We hope to begin film this November.

'Kind Katie' film offers a unique opportunity for viewers.. 'Kind Katie' movie offers innovative crowdfunding

‘Kind Katie’ film offers a unique opportunity for viewers.

SCH: How long will you film?

JG: We plan to film about 20 days and then go into post production.

SCH: How is your funding strategy unique?

JG: It will uniquely enable micro-investors to support this film and others in the future from scripts to screens with equity.


Kind Katie is a feature film in development about Ringgold, GA native and Jacksonville State Marching Ballerina, Katie Beth Carter. Ten percent of producer’s net proceeds go to the continuing work in Tomas Borge, Nicaragua as Katie Beth’s legacy continues to change lives.  The film is currently receiving investments for the production budget.



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