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Last edited on: May 2, 2018.

Watch the video below to see the trailer for the new Summer of ’67 Christian movie!

The movie is directed by Sharon Wilharm, who also directed the critically acclaimed 2016 film Providence. Each of her movies have been unique. For example, Providence was a silent film that told a beautiful story of love and hardship. This movie takes place in the 1960s. The cast and crew did their best to make the time period come to life. Also, the title of Summer of ’67 is a nod to Sharon’s directing debut, the 2010 movie Class of ’91!

While big budget movies such as I Can Imagine and God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness will always dominate the Christian movie industry, there will always be a place for these smaller independent films. They tell stories in an intimate, touching way, and reflect the love of Christ at the same time.

Also, we at Sonoma Christian Home absolutely love it when new movies are released that have wholesome values and are Family Friendly. Summer of ’67 check both boxes!

Are you looking forward to watching Summer of ’67? Let us know by commenting below!

Summer of ’67 will be released June 29th. It is produced by Mainstreet Productions and stars Mimi Sagadin (Return to the Hiding Place), Bethany Davenport, and Sam Brooks.




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  1. Sharon Wilharm

    Thank you, Josiah, for the shout out. Thank you, Susan, for the kind words. Wanted to let you know Summer of ’67 is releasing to Amazon Prime this Monday, September 17. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


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