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Last edited on: September 30, 2018.

Watch the Billy Graham message below about how God can forgive and forget our past sins!

Rev. Billy Graham has impacted a whole generation of believers. His sermons are simple and to the point, revealing the truth of the gospel and God’s Word in a way that’s impossible to ignore. In this clip, Graham speaks about the beauty of Christ’s forgiveness. He says that we, as humans, are unable to change our pasts. However, in God’s eyes, our pasts can be changed through the cross! Though we fail and sin more than we like to admit, God sees us as righteous. It’s beautiful! It’s amazing! And it’s all because of our Savior Jesus Christ.

That truth has the power to set us free. God looks at the punishment Jesus endured and forgives us. What kind of love is this?

Because of Jesus, God is not ashamed to call you His child. Are you ashamed to call Him your father? Tell the world about the love of Christ! How can we keep the good news locked up in our rooms or on our Twitter feeds? Maybe God is calling you to share the forgiveness of God by forgiving others and sharing the gospel.




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