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Last edited on: October 14, 2018.

After a long delay, the faith-based movie ‘Heaven’s War’ is set to be released on DVD November 11th.

Heaven’s War is directed by Danny Carrales, the director behind projects such as the 2008 fantasy film ‘Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven’. He’s passionate about telling great stories that present the gospel in a unique and compelling way. The production and distribution of his latest movie, Heaven’s War, has been long and rocky. Originally, it was expected to be released in 2013 under the title Out of the Darkness, and later Beyond the Darkness. However, delays plagued the production for different reasons, including the heavy reliance on post-production (the movie has almost 1000 special effects shots). Finally, Carrales’ thriller is set to be released on DVD this November through Sony Home Entertainment.


Faith-Based Movie 'Heaven's War'

Heaven’s War is being released on DVD this November.


The fascinating synopsis to this faith-based thriller is as follows:

US senator Jonah Thomas is forced into an epic battle fought somewhere between life and death, heaven and hell. While government agents and terrorist fight for his life in one world, angels and demons wage war for his soul in another. Will he learn the truth and find his way home before it’s too late? 

If you can’t watch the trailer below, use this link to the Vimeo trailer for Heaven’s War.

The movie is a cross between a fantasy and a supernatural thriller, perfect for the whole family! If you would like to pre-order the movie from Walmart, click here! Heaven’s War stars Donny Boaz, Kelly Paton, and Jason Gerhardt as the protagonist. Let us know your thoughts on the movie in the comments below!




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