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Jesus never changes. But did you ever wonder if our discernment of His deity could be amplified? Certainly, studying the Bible and meditating on His word will improve our relationship with our Savior. But now with the help of Virtual Reality we can immerse ourselves into Jesus’ life and ministry from over 2,000 years ago.

That’s right. I am thrilled about the potential of being immersed in a full Virtual Reality film about our Savior. This becomes a new reality when 7 Miracles Virtual Reality releases summer 2019.

7 Miracles will depict Jesus’ life in a seven-part episodic feature film from the Gospel of John. Viewers will feel like they’re standing next to Jesus as miraculous signs and wonders take place.

A Film From the Gospel of John

Jesus performed a miracle in which he rebuked and calmed a storm that scared His disciples while in a boat crossing a lake or sea in John 6:16-24. Courtesy of Vive Studios

For example, one can sense the power of the Lord, changing water into wine in Cana. Imagine standing in the room at the complete physical healing of the paralytic, and the feeding 5,000 people from five loaves of bread and two fish. Then, there’s the compelling moment when Jesus calms the raging storms and walks on the water. Excited? I am.

Striking and captivating — 7 Miracles runs over 70 minutes, making it the first feature-length cinematic adventure from Vive Studios. Behind the scenes is multi-talented producer Enzo Sisti. Born and raised in Italy, the executive producer of Mel Gibson’s worldwide hit, The Passion of the Christ in 2004. Since then he’s produced Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Avengers: Age of Ultron. His resume also includes working with Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Martin Scorsese’ Gangs of New York.

Sonoma Christian Home exclusively interviews producer Enzo Sisti about 7 Miracles shot in Rome and Matera. He shares the importance of biblical accuracy, and what virtual reality means for Christians. SCH Contributor Corine Gatti-Santillo reports.

Enzo Sisti has produced Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and now 7 Miracles. Image courtesy of YouTube

The Inspiration of the Bible

SCH: How did you ensure that 7 Miracles would be biblically accurate?

Enzo Sisti : We wanted to stay as close as possible to the words and descriptions in the Bible. We had a variety of faith leaders and consultants who helped us. We were very aware that dramatizing anything from the Bible is a tricky process, and you need to stay loyal to the original text. When I worked with Mel Gibson on The Passion, we had that same challenge, and I think we did a great job staying true to the Bible on both The Passion and on 7 Miracles.

SCH: Why did you decide to concentrate on the Book of John and the 7 Miracles of Jesus?

ES: This was actually inspired by a sermon series created by a Christian pastor named Jaeson Ma, who had been teaching on the 7 Miracles for years. The Book of John offers the real humanity of Jesus. We see the heart of Jesus in a special way.

Both Jewish police and Roman soldiers come to arrest Jesus in John 18.
Courtesy of Vive Studios

Jesus Performs Miracles Everyday

SCH: What inspired you about John, and his role in Jesus’ life?

ES: John was always close to the heart of Jesus. Even at the Last Supper, the Bible says he rested his head against Jesus’s chest. We were inspired by this side of the life of Christ – that every miracle he performed was out of pure love for the people he was touching.

SCH: How do you feel the faith audience will respond to the immersive experience?

ES: Seeing the life of Christ in Virtual Reality is a whole new way to experience the greatest story ever told. 7 Miracles takes on the challenge of telling one of the most well-known stories in an entirely new medium. This feature-length VR film is a testament to how VR has the potential to reshape the way we think about cinema, interactive film and some of our favorite stories. 

Be a Witness to Jesus’ Miracles

SCH: Tell us how the latest technology in Virtual Reality will allow viewers to encounter Jesus in a totally new way?

ES: Traditionally, storytelling in VR has comprised of short experiences that have been instrumental in introducing the public to virtual reality. With 7 Miracles, we’ve taken on the challenge of elevating the medium and using the latest technology to tell stories in VR in an engaging and highly polished way. The end result is a moving and powerful experience.

7 Miracles allows you to be a witness to the miracles performed by Jesus and see them as if they were actually happening right in front of you. We’re used to seeing miracles in movies accompanied by big special effects, soaring music, and clever film editing to maximize the impact. But in this VR film, the miracles are much more “real” and “down to earth” giving the impression that you are actually there witnessing them.

Virtual Reality Brings The Bible To Life

SCH: Why do you think that Virtual Reality is significant for Christian audiences?

ES: Virtual Reality gives us the opportunity to become immersed in our favorite worlds and interact with our favorite characters like never before. From action packed adventure titles where you are the hero to cinematic pieces, like 7 Miracles, where you are present to one of the greatest stories ever told, VR is a powerful medium for all.

SCH: Do you think audiences are ready for Virtual Reality?

ES: Absolutely. I’m really optimistic about the future of VR for both the consumer and enterprise audiences. As hardware continues to become more accessible and content continues to push the boundaries, there will be more to do in VR than ever before.

We tend to neglect what Jesus accomplished on earth. Culture wrestles to take our hearts away through diversions and other disturbances. Things like social media, news feeds, and political discourse propel us away from what is relevant – Jesus Christ. 7 Miracles will galvanize you to reconnect with the Savior and to explore His world anew. When a movie inserts Jesus back onto our radar – it’s priceless.

7 Miracles won the ‘Spirit of Raindance: VR Film of The Festival’ award at Raindance Film Festival 2018. The film is available via Viveport, where it is sold at $20 as a complete PCVR experience, Android owners can also join in on the Gospel for $10 via the Google Play store.

Watch this immersive adaptation of the 7 Miracles of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John. 7 Miracles promises to deliver the next generation of feature films.

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