romantic and loving bride and groom embrace before river - how to support your husband

How A Wife Can Support Her Husband | Part I

In Part I of this series, Pastor Steve Carr answers the question of how a wife can support her husband by taking a look at the wife's role from a biblical point of view: recognizing their calling and becoming an excellent wife!
Loving romantic couple embrace in wheat field. - when he doesn't tell you you're pretty

When He Doesn’t Tell You You’re Pretty | Part 2

What can you do when your husband forgets to compliment you, or when he doesn't tell you you're pretty? In part two of this marriage advice series, we read from a husband's perspective and gain insight for both wives and husbands alike.

Traditions of Joy at Christmas

From baking swedish pancakes to touring the city lights, SCH Founder, Erica Galindo shares a variety of fun ideas that are sure to become cherished family traditions for generations to come.
wedding photo of bride and groom embracing before sunset at beach - a real christian love story

Erica & David |A Real Christian Love Story

The story of our marriage is a real Christian love story - an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness, and how our loving Father will bless us abundantly with the desires of our hearts, when and only when, we completely surrender to Him.
Homeschool Lessons completed by a Little Girl - how to choose a homeschool curriculum

How to Choose a Homeschool Curriculum

Writer and Mother Jeney Pribyl explains how to choose a homeschool curriculum. Jeney expounds that what she wants most for her children is the knowledge of how to learn & that God is always faithful.
homeschooling mom two happy young boys sunlight wooden table equipped to homeschool my kids

Am I Equipped To Homeschool My Kids?

The idea of teaching your children at home can be daunting. SCH Contributor, Jeney Pribyl, answers the question, am I equipped to homeschool my kids?