How to Coach your Kids through Homeschool

Rarely does one method of instruction work on every single child in a family. In her book How To Lead Like Jesus, Best Selling Author & Mom Tricia Goyer teaches parents how to coach your kids through homeschool.
woman in white hat overlooks beautiful sea and mountains - when you're having money problems

When You’re Having Money Problems

When you're having money problems, keep your faith in God and seek Him above all! Author and Speaker Rhonda Stoppe shares her biblically-inspired advice and gives insight on dealing with financial struggles.
Sunrise in the misty bog during summer - Prodigal Son returns home

Prodigal Son Returns Home

Writer and Mother Jeney Priby homeschooled and raised her boys to be God fearing men. "The prodigal son returns home" was never a phrase that she envisioned would be associated with one of her sons.
happy couple on roadtrip - how to know if you're dating for keeps

How to Know if You’re Dating for Keeps

If the man you're dating the man you should one day marry? SCH Contributor, Diane Paddison, gives heartfelt and honest advice on how to know if you're dating for keeps and how to prepare for a serious, godly relationship.
happy family walks on beach during sunset with children - nurture a blended family

How to Nurture a Blended Family | Part III

The uncomfortable truth is that resentment can easily build in a blended family. Pastor Steve Carr uses biblical truths in highlighting delicate topics and offers solid advice to overcome challenges and nurture a blended family.