baby koala hugging its mom - raising caring kids

3 Tips To Raising Caring Kids

Too often the world teaches children to be self-centered. SCH Editor, Lindsey Andrews offers some great suggestions on raising caring kids, and how to motivate them to think of others first.
Father and beautiful teenage daughter happy outdoors SCH - helping children grow spiritually

How To Help Children Grow Spiritually

Author & Executive Producer of Keep the Faith Radio, Joe Battaglia shares a powerful story of how fathers can build a stronger relationship with their teenagers, protect them from the world, and help them grow spiritually.
Manners and the Bible, pink dresses, tea party

Manners and the Bible

The foundation of teaching good manners is found in the Bible. SCH contributor Heather Evans teaches that it's less about using the right fork and more about considering others before ourselves.

Spiritual Truths For Working Moms

Mom enough? That’s what Time magazine controversially asked. But in the strive to measure up, don’t miss the truths all working moms need.