true followers of Christ

True Followers of Christ

The evidence of the new birth is the presence of the Holy Spirit within, confirming a person to be God's child. True followers of Christ have experienced this new birth. Have you?

Jesus – The Only Perfect Man

Jesus - The Only Perfect Man. He lived the life we should have lived & died the death we deserved. It's in His nature to love even when it hurts Him.

God’s Gift of Grace

Do you want to obtain this gift from God? Read on to discover how to receive God's gift of grace that was purchased by Jesus with His invaluable sacrifice.
Jesus gives Ben-Hur water. New 'Ben-Hur' movie inspires retellings

God’s Plan to Save Mankind

The God of the Bible has not stood still waiting for us to find Him. He came to us in the person of Jesus Christ!
spring purple flowers sun beam through the trees

God Loves You Wherever You Are

God loves you in spite of any intentional or unintentional mistakes you have made. He is greater than a person's foolishness, weaknesses, and failures.
Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France

William Shakespeare’s Secret to Evangelism

"As Believers we know that the "last scene" is one of glory & eternal salvation." SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds shares Shakespeare's secret to evangelism & reminds us that the encore goes to Lord when we remove the masks, reveal the truth, & wholeheartedly embrace our role as an understudy.