God loved you when he created

God Loved You When He Created the Universe

To say that you & this universe exist by chance is like saying a bunch of strings, drums, & sticks composed a beautiful symphony. God loved you when he created everything.
Forgiveness through faith

Forgiveness Through Faith

God grants us forgiveness through faith. SCH Contributor Samy Tanagho explains how He is asking you to respond in faith so you can experience His grace and forgiveness to save your soul from suffering forever.
spiritually alive

Spiritually Alive

Because of our sinful nature and our individual sins, we are spiritually dead and separated from God. What does it mean to be spiritually alive?
the grace of god

The Grace of God

Ever feel undeserving of the grace of God? SCH Contributor Samy Taganho reminds us that God wants you to obtain and enjoy His salvation as a gift.
morning-dew new life flower budding up from green grass SCH you must be born again

You Must Be Born Again

Certainly, you will enjoy an unimaginable inner peace, which fills your inner most being, but you must be born again.