Is Jesus Allowed in School?

As Christians' right to religious freedom is threatened around the country, our children are experiencing the result in school. Will we stand up for their legacy of faith?
A group prayer with linked hands over bibles - the power of God through prayer

God Overcomes Campus Challenge

What happens when Sonoma State University derecognizes the Christian clubs? Jenny Klouse, SCH Contributor, experiences how challenges lead to stronger faith.

God Loved You When He Created You

There is one, and only ONE LIVING GOD. He made all the intricate parts of our being and created us for His purposes and His glory. SCH Contributor Samy Tanagho reminds us we are custom-designed by our Creator with a plan and a purpose.

Hope Begins When a Child Belongs

Read the amazing story of how Dr. Bob and Julie Mendonsa left behind a successful orthopedic surgery practice in Texas to answer God's call to serve the needs of orphans in Kenya. SCH Contributor Raschelle Loudenslager reports on the miracle of Naomi's Village.

Miles Upon Miles – Uganda

After learning of an organization that sends missions teams to work in Ugandan orphanages and slums, Robin Maiocca booked her trip. She shares her passion for the Ugandan people in this photographic and heart-wrenching testimonial.