The Gift of Small Things

One of the most amazing gifts that God gives us that often gets overlooked is the gift of small things. Praise Him for the "little" blessings too!
perfect gift for Father's Day. happy family walking in a field

The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

What's the perfect gift for Father's Day? Of all the names, descriptions, & symbolism God could've chosen, He decided that the title and the role of Father would embrace them all. This is both a beautiful and challenging thought for every believer, let alone fathers.
he asks her dad. Rear view of bride and father walking down the aisle with people in background during outdoor wedding.

I Hope He Asks Her Dad

Contributor Leslie Means says "I want my girls to have very high standards when they begin to date. And someday when the time comes for them to make one of the biggest decisions in their lives, I hope he asks her dad."
mom's call to character. Happy loving family. Pretty young mother reading a book to her daughters.

A Mom’s Call to Character

Has your relationship with the Lord been put aside since you became a mom? Sue Detweiler shares how a mom's call to character means time with God.
mom smiling while kids kiss her cheeks

Single Moms Take Heart

Single moms, do you ever feel alone? SCH contributor Rhonda Stoppe says single moms take heart, you are not alone because God promises to be a Father to the fatherless.
from a mother to a daughter. special moment between a senior woman and her loving adult daughter standing close together outdoors

Letter from a Mother to a Daughter

The bond between a mother & her child is priceless & unbreakable. This special letter from a mother to a daughter shares an aging mother's heart as she reaches out her hand to share with her daughter about her need for compassion & patience. Happy Mother's Day!