risks of sexting - part iii

Risks of Sexting – Part III

She uploaded the images to a private account. Sometime afterwards, the account was hacked. Risks of sexting - part iii shows this can follow your child. Bry Taylor shares how you can help your children make smart online choices.
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Never Satisfied

SCH Contributor, Casey Bombacie warns us to stay grounded in gratitude and avoid giving into the dangers of consumerism and greed.
loving the family you married

Loving The Family You Married

Anyone who has been married will tell you that you have to work at it. Relationships with your in-laws are the same when you love the family you married. Here's godly advice on how to develop healthy relationships with your spouse's family.
why teens sext

Why Teens Sext – Part II

I know most parents would say my child would never participate in such an activity, but what if you are wrong? Now is the time to talk about why teens sext.
prodigal mom

Prodigal Mom

I didn’t teach my kids to love God; I taught them to obey Him. This prodigal mom learned why people follow Him, & taught her children in the process.