I Believe in Angels

Have you ever experienced a moment where you truly believed an angel had protected you? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison shares how she came to truly believe in God's helpers.

Are You Comfortable with Silence?

Have you ever thought through the noise in your day? SCH Contributor Phil Cooke examines the way we constantly fill our lives with music, radio and television. How often to we allow ourselves to stop everything and just be?

When God Speaks

Life can become so overwhelmingly busy, our daily tasks can become a monotonous routine. SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman reminds us to take a moment to be still, quiet our hearts, and listen for the Lord's loving voice.

Faith Learned from my Kids

When we come before God as His children, do we have selfish motivations for seeking time with Him? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds calls us to evaluate the way we come into our Father's presence.