Does Your Work Stand the Test of Time

SCH Contributor Phil Cooke dives deeply into examining the intentionality of our work, especially as Christians. He asks us to question whether or not we devote ourselves to creating history that will last longer than our own lives.

Devil in the Dress

Relationships were intended as a gift from God, however, often in this broken world they become a source of pain in our lives. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell preaches wholeness, empowering her readers with ways to seek healthy and joyful relationships.

Is God Calling YOU to ASCEND?

Kathleen Cooke answers God's call as she began planning the first annual 2013 ASCEND Women's Faith Conference. She passionately shares God's calling for us women to live out life with "Fearless Joy."

An Insightful Look Into “Father of Lights”

It began with the simple question we all ask, "Who is God?" Director/Producer Darren Wilson embarked on an incredible journey to discover more about the powerful God we serve and worship.

Chris Tomlin – God’s Great Dance Floor

Burning Lights finished release week at #1 on the Billboard Charts marking the 4th time in history a Contemporary Christian album has done so! Check out one of the many inspiring songs GOD'S GREAT DANCE FLOOR.