The Condition of the Heart- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

When you read or hear a word from God, apply it to your life and let God bring His word into reality in your life. Repent of any bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness that is hardening your heart. Meditate on God’s word until it enters deep into your heart and not just your mind.

Weeding the Garden of the Soul

Does anyone actually enjoy weeding? SCH Contributor Marianne Farrier does, and she reminds us not to forget the personal weeding in tending the garden of the soul.

The Master’s Garden

How many times do we insist on our own way and not ask Our Father’s will for us? He gives us so much more than a teensy bit of soil and droplets of water. Are we not members of the body of Christ, a much larger garden?
Home for Dinner

Home For Dinner

The COO of Facebook leaves work every day by 5:30 to have dinner with her kids, and she thinks you should too. Balancing career and family can be hard, but you can choose if it's hard and positive or hard and negative.

Amazing Young Adults

"The qualities you desire have to be encouraged, coached and reinforced with patience and grace. Just like toddlers, young adults need to know where the lines are, be assured they’re solid, and reminded on occasion of the ground rules. Sue Farren, author and mother of six offers godly wisdom on instilling etiquette.