Ten Ways to Ruin Your Kids for Life

Are you ever worried you're going to ruin your kids for life? SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares lighthearted advice on how parents can mess up their children's lives.

Know When to Cut the Cord

How do we, as parents, find the balance between guiding our children and letting them freely grow up? SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell teaches on the dangers of codependent relationships which may form from our fear of rejection.

Teaching Your Child Forgiveness

If your child is upset with a specific person, prayerfully consider how you can help them see their own contribution to the struggle. Focus on living as a godly example before your children, and you will teach them how to handle discord properly.

Teaching Your Kids Self-Control

Any sacrifice you make now to discipline your kids will establish a regard for your authority that will transfer over into their teen years. SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe gives mothers easy steps for fairly enforcing 'don't touch' rules.

Getting Better at Handling Anger …and Then Even Better

Feelings of frustration and anger can be triggered in an instant. Learning to control these emotions can take years. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer offers some cool ideas on how to control a hot temper. When it comes to anger, we can always do better. And even when we believe we have self control, we can control ourselves better, too. Anger will happen. Frustration will come. But how we handle ourselves is up to us.