Don’t Make Me Count To Three

Are you struggling to be the mother you want to be? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe teaches us about the wisdom of having a parenting mentor.

Because I Said So

Do you take the time to explain to your children the importance of obedience, or do you simply give commands? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shares how to turn potential arguments into teachable moments.

Being a Patient Mother

Are you easily frustrated by your children? SCH Contributor Sue Detweiler shares her advice on how developing patience can help you as a mother and as a Christian.

Hand Your Son His Manhood

Do you feel there is constantly friction between you and your son? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shares how mothers can let go and help their sons become men.

Raising the Father of Your Grandchildren

You have the unique privilege of training your son how to react when he finds himself in a conflict. SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shares encouraging steps for raising forgiving children.

How God Uses Strong-Willed Kids to Change the World

Learning to pray for God to break the will of your strong-willed child, so that He can impart a passion for doing His will into their hearts, is an essential role you can play in a strong kid's life. By God's grace, won't you commit to become a prayer warrior on their behalf?