October 17th – American Minute – Burgoyne’s Surrender

OCTOBER 17, 1777, British General Johnny Burgoyne surrendered to American General Horatio Gates, and over 6,000 British troops were captured. Jane McCrea’s death, later immortalized in James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, The Last of the Mohicans, rallied Americans.

October 15th – American Minute – The Role of the Supreme Court

On OCTOBER 15, 1991, the U.S. Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas as a Justice on the Supreme Court. "The role of a judge is a limited one. It is to...interpret the Constitution, where called upon, but at no point to impose his or her will or...opinion in that process."

October 14th – American Minute – William Penn

At age 24, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London for 8 months. After Penn's father died, King Charles II repaid a debt owed to him by giving young William Penn a land grant in America, named "Pennsylvania." His name was William Penn, born OCTOBER 14, 1644.

October 13th – American Minute – “The Iron Lady”

Known as "The Iron Lady" for her stand against communism, Margaret Thatcher was born OCTOBER 13, 1925. She became the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at a time when England's government was facing bankruptcy, employment was on the rise, and there were conflicts with labor unions.