Nothing Can Separate You- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Nothing you could ever experience, no matter how terrible or frightening, could ever separate you from the love of God. No tribulation and distress you might ever suffer could be so intense that God’s love for you is not even more fervent.

Far Be It From Me!- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

At times people will not respond as they should to the message God speaks through you. Don’t become discouraged; it is a reflection of their relationship with God. Don’t lose your patience with God’s people.

Redeeming The Time- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

You may inadvertently substitute religious activity for God’s will, pursuing your own goals for God’s kingdom instead of waiting for His assignment. Time is a precious commodity. Be sure to invest it wisely.

The Meek- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Meekness is not submitting to everyone around us, it is taking our direction from God. Meekness means that we do not have to defend our rights, but we allow the Lord to defend us. Jesus said that in relinquishing control over our lives to God, we will gain life in abundance!

Hunger and Thirst- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Righteousness is not merely an absence of sin. It is allowing God to fill us with His holiness. It is being like Christ. Jesus is our model of One who sought God’s righteousness first, and then the Father glorified Him.