Daily Bread- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

God is aware of what tomorrow will bring and how we should prepare for it. He knows the problems we will face, and He has already made provision for us to overcome them. He asks us to trust in Him daily.

May God Rule in Our Midst- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

As we seek God’s kingdom on earth, we gain the same mind as our heavenly Father. As you seek the Lord’s will, He will guide your praying. He will invite you not only to pray, but also to become involved in His activity as He answers your prayer.

Hallowed Be Your Name- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Our calling as Christians is to bring glory to the name of God. Our supreme desire should be to glorify the name of God by the way we live. We ought to pray daily, as Jesus taught us to, that God’s name be treated as holy.
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Victory Over Sin- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

If you find yourself falling into sinful habits or not grieving over your sin as you once did, this indicates that you are not abiding in Christ. Return to Him in repentance; restore your fellowship with Him, and you will once again experience victory over your sin.