Uncommon – Official Trailer

Are you embracing the gifts God gave you? When the students of Rosewood High lose their art departments to budget cuts, they strive to create their own and take advice from an uncommon source: the Bible!
the identical

The Identical – Official Trailer

In "The Identical," Ryan's father tells him he is destined for the ministry, but his dream is to sing - just like the twin brother he doesn't know he has.

The Perfect Wave – Official Trailer

When surfer Ian McCormack goes on a trip around the world in pursuit of the perfect wave, he gets closer to touching eternity than he ever dreamed. Scott Eastwood and Rachel Hendrix star in this globe-surfing flick about love and rebirth.

Ragamuffin – Official Trailer

Rich Mullins wasn't perfect, but God used his music and faith in a powerful way. Color Green Films presents the true story of this modern hero of the faith.

God’s Not Dead – Official Trailer

This amazing new Christian film is about faith and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God. The professor strikes a bargain that Josh must defend his position in a series of debates in order to stay in the class and pass.