white flowers growing in garden - choosing faith during trials

Choosing Faith During Trials

When trials come, it's easy to give up and stop relying on the Lord. Through her own personal story, SCH Contributor Heather Beadles shows us how choosing faith during trials will bring a greater, lasting joy & thankfulness.
beautiful girl child outside smiling - the magnificence of god

The Magnificence of God

Trust in the magnificence of God and in the place He has you now. Heather Beadles reminds us to not get the big head when Jesus does something Magnificent in your future. Because He will... for His own magnificent glory, not ours.
magnificent. Beautiful Little Blond Girl in Summer Garden Magnificent by Heather Beadles


It’s only because of Him that I could ever be Magnificent. He is the one that should be recognized, not me. Only through Jesus is there true Magnificence.
beautiful white flowers in a garden - choosing faith during trials

Choices In Life’s Trials

I am still making daily choices to think and trust in God and His Word. It is getting easier and I can definitely see God’s work in our family’s journey. I am past the anger and hopelessness that seemed to be constant in the darkest days.