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Last edited on: August 16, 2016.

I’m waiting for Magnificent. In my photography work I can’t wait to create a fabulous, take-your-breath-away portrait for each client. In our home I’m passionate about creating an environment that is beautiful, welcoming, and comfortable. In our family I daily pursue relationships that are peaceful and full of joy and kindness. On my blog I want to weave words that are encouraging and full of truth. Honestly, I want people to look at me, my husband, our kids, and my creative outlets and say, “Wow.”

I want to be recognized as Magnificent.

And since God created people for His glory, it just makes sense that He would want me (and my family) to be Magnificent too, right?

I want desperately to see what God’s purpose is for me . . . for our family. I believe that God does have a plan and wants the best in our family for His glory, but I want to feel it and experience it. I want it to happen NOW . . . but it seems like I’m several years into waiting.

It’s easy to look back and think about what could have been . . . what should have been. Yet, that’s not reality; it’s my mind living in the land of wishful thinking . . . the “what ifs” of life. The reality is that those “should haves” weren’t in His grand plan. Kind of hard to swallow, simply because I think I know what’s best for me and our family. I tend to think my plan would be Magnificent.

Yet I think the point is that the Magnificent isn’t about me . . . about my portrait work or home, my husband’s career or our kids’ experiences and opportunities. It’s about God living in us. In making Himself known. In saving me from myself. In redeeming our relationships. In providing for our every need. In graciously forgiving our sin. In dying and rising again for all. It’s only because of Him that I could ever be Magnificent. He is the one that should be recognized, not me. Only through Jesus is there true Magnificence.

Today I’m choosing to trust in God’s Magnificent creation of seasons. Yes, it’s summer and beautiful outside. But I’m thinking of the seasons of life. For some reason He created this season in my life . . . in our family’s life . . . to be Magnificent. The focus isn’t on us, in fact we’ve become pretty normal. Perhaps the Magnificence is to be found in resting, in simplicity, in being fairly anonymous and in simply trusting the Lord and His perfect timing. And I’m choosing to write so that I remember and don’t get the big head when Jesus does do something Magnificent in our future. Because He will . . . for His glory, not mine.

He’s just Magnificent that way.

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Photo by Heather Beadles Photography

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