Self-Defeating Behavior

Do you wish to be a better person, but struggle with self-defeating behavior? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares advice on how to break away from old habits and accept God's restoration.

Crushed in Spirit

Are you hurting more than you ever thought possible, more crushed in spirit than you think you can handle? SCH Contributor Jack Watts reminds us to be willing to give everything over to God in these times so He can heal us.

I’m Not the Person I Want to Be

Do you ever berate yourself over past mistakes, lamenting 'God help me, I'm Not the Person I Want to Be?' SCH Contributor Jack Watts offers advice on how to change who you are through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Learning to Trust Again

Is trust difficult for you to come by after feeling betrayed? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares the two things we need to regain the ability to trust and truly heal.

Learning to Serve Others

Friends and family have helped you through your recovery process, but have you been able to pay it forward? SCH Contributor Jack Watts teaches us how to be a great and lasting influence to someone who has undergone similar trials.

Recovery Requires Unlearning Old Behavior

When the pain from abuse subsides, where do you begin the healing? SCH Contributor Jack Watts teaches how you will remain vulnerable unless you ask yourself this important question.