Being Honest with Yourself

Do you want to put your painful past with alcohol behind you? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares why being honest with yourself is pivotal and necessary for recovery.

The Reason Behind Denial with Alcoholism

Is there someone in your life who won't admit to having a problem? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares profound insight into the reason behind denial and how to start the healing process.

The Blame Game of Alcoholism

Why do alcoholism and blaming others for the pain go hand in hand? SCH Contributor Jack Watts explains the pattern of the blame game and how to rid yourself of self-deception.

Why Resentment Doesn’t Work

Is the pain of the past so devastating that you feel alcohol is your only respite? Jack Watts explains why resentment doesn't work, why it fuels alcoholism, and how to make the shift out of the shadows.