Altering Alcoholic Behavior

What should be the focus of a recovering alcoholic? SCH Contributor Jack Watts teaches about altering alcoholic behavior and shares the best way to make sobriety easier.

Denial Doesn’t Work

Do you have a problem with alcohol? Have you admitted it? SCH Contributor Jack Watts teaches why denial doesn't work and the necessary steps to defeat addiction.

Be Free from Alcoholic Thinking

Are failings in your past defining your future as a recovering alcoholic? SCH Contributor Jack Watts provides encouragement to help you be free from alcoholic thinking.

Thinking Long-Term for Recovering Alcoholics

Is there someone in your life that measures success by whether or not they got through the day without a drink? Jack Watts shares wonderful insight about thinking long-term for recovering alcoholics and shaking off self-defeating misconceptions.

If Alcoholism is a Problem

Do you feel your life is at the mercy of alcohol? SCH Contributor Jack Watts begins an exciting new expert series on reversing the pattern of alcoholism and becoming the person God created you to be.

What God Really Wants

Do your prayers reflect a healthy relationship with God? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares words of wisdom on how to close the gap between what you want and what God really wants for you.