Feeling Worthless is Never God’s Will

If you've suffered abuse, do you find yourself struggling with feelings of worthlessness? SCH Contributor Jack Watts shares the steps you must take to overcome the toxic aftereffects of abuse.

The Secret to Prayer

What do you ask God for? SCH Contributor Jack Watts reveals where we can sometimes go wrong in prayer and explains how to deepen your communion with God.

Helping Wounded Christians Heal- Renewing Your Mind

Do you still find yourself dwelling on past wrongs? SCH Contributor Jack Watts encourages us to give God the freedom to work pain out for our good. If you want more, renew your mind. Accept the Lord’s purpose as your own and press forward. If you can do this, your life will begin to exhibit estimable character qualities

How to Let Go of the Poison of Unforgiveness

At the root of most addiction lies a trauma which can cause a burning bitterness. SCH Contributor Jack Watts shows us how with the #forgiveness and love of Jesus we can overcome and heal.

Alcoholism Sneaks up on You

Instead of turning to alcohol for a temporary fix, SCH Contributor Jack Watts encourages you to turn to Jesus for a satisfying and long-lasting solution.