two children gardening outside with plants and flowers - sustainable gardening

Sustainable Gardening | Having God In Your Garden

As caretakers of the beautiful Earth that God created and entrusted us with, we must do our part to help the environment. SCH Contributor and Gardener, Marianne Farrier, teaches us how to care for the Earth through sustainable gardening.

Resiliency in The Garden

SCH Contributor Marriane Farrier shows us that plants are incredibly resilient, being able to withstand drastic swings in temperature, which leaves you in wonder at God’s creative power.

Restoring Your Garden

SCH Gardening Editor, Marriane Farrier, illustrates how our gardens can beautifully relate to our relationship with Jesus.
beautiful spring purple wildflowers in a field - creativity and a spiritual life

Wildflower Ways

Ever feel like you're in a ditch? SCH Gardening Editor, Marianne Farrier, shares that God wants us to grow where He planted us.

How to Plan Out Your Garden

Want to plant a garden but not sure where to start? SCH Contributor Marianne Farrier shares helpful tips derived from years of experience for how to plan out your garden.

Weeding the Garden of the Soul

Does anyone actually enjoy weeding? SCH Contributor Marianne Farrier does, and she reminds us not to forget the personal weeding in tending the garden of the soul.