Billy Graham's final message. Billy Graham on his 99th birthday

Honoring Billy Graham on His 99th Birthday

We honor the Reverend Billy Graham on his 99th birthday. Reverend Graham has a profound ministry that has spanned decades and has been often called "America's Pastor." Happy Birthday, Reverend Graham!
Actor Jason Ritter in 'The Long Road Home'. 'The Long Road Home' true story

‘The Long Road Home’ True Story of American Heroes

When an Army platoon was ambushed in Baghdad in 2004, the events became known as "Black Sunday." On November 7th, National Geographic begins airing the series 'The Long Road Home', telling the story of that historic attack.
'The Stray' movie opens in theaters October 6th. 'The Stray' heartwarming new movie

‘The Stray’ Heartwarming New Movie Trailer

'The Stray' heartwarming new movie trailer highlights this beautiful film based on the true story of stray dog Pluto who finds his family just when they need him the most. 'The Stray' opens in theaters October 6th.
'A Question of Faith' movie trailer. 'A Question of Faith' film in theaters 9/28

New ‘A Question of Faith’ Movie Trailer

The new 'A Question of Faith' movie trailer shows three families in crises whose paths intertwine when they each come to a crossroads. Check out this new film which comes to theaters 9/29.
good Samaritans help in Hurricane Irma. black lab in water

Good Samaritans Help in Hurricane Irma

Amidst all the destruction, good Samaritans help in Hurricane Irma, some even rescuing helpless animals and bringing them into their homes as shelter from the storm. SCH continues to pray for those affected by the fires and hurricanes in our country.