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Last edited on: October 2, 2017.

“One dog can change everything.”


One stray dog has a big impact on an already struggling family in the new film based on an inspiring true story. The Stray opens in theaters nationwide on October 6th and is directed by Mitch Davis (The Other Side of Heaven). Just as the Davis family is on the brink of falling to pieces, Pluto the stray dog appears, seemingly out of nowhere. Sarah Lancaster (Everwood, The Judge) portrays a worn-out mom busy raising three children, feeling neglected by her workaholic husband (Michael Cassidy of Batman vs. Superman and Argo). Pluto is just one more “thing” on their already overflowing plates. Or is he?

Pluto immediately begins earning his place in the family by saving a toddler, becoming a trusted companion for the Davis’ 9-year-old son played by Connor Corum of Heaven is for Real, and by successfully encouraging the restoration of marriage and family relationships.

The Stray earned the Dove Award Seal of Approval in response to the film’s positive family values. It is a movie that’s fit for the whole family. Donna Rolfe of The Dove Foundation states, “The Stray is a heartwarming family movie that is wonderfully entertaining, while teaching about love for a pet, love of family and making time for family.”

You can visit The Stray for film information, background about the movie’s actors, find where to purchase tickets, and stay updated on this film that’s perfect for a family movie night at the theater. While it has becoming increasing difficult to find films that are appropriate for Christians, much less children, it’s refreshing to discover The Stray which is fit for all.




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