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The Hidden Sin Behind Candy Corn

"The ultimate statement of disbelief is ever thinking we can get away with something. Nobody will know. Just like Adam and Eve, we actually believe we can hide from God." Wit, humor and wisdom from new SCH Contributor Michael K.Reynolds.
you're such a wet blanket. woman holding succulents

Why God Loves That You’re Such A Wet Blanket

Don't feel bad if you're such a wet blanket. Find out why SCH contributor Michael K. Reynolds says, "So what do we do if we become involved in a conversation that drifts toward gossip or an incident where tempers are rising? Celebrate!"

There Are Only Two Kinds of Sins

Judgement comes easy when looking at others. But how does your life look? Are you perfect? Michael K. Reynolds sets a reminder that no matter what you've done we all have a sinful nature.
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What You Have Is What The World Needs

"Encouragement is the priceless gift, which is free to give."SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds, reminds us that even in times of economic downfall or emotional turmoil, what we have is what the world needs: the ability to encourage.
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Strengthening Your Prayer Life

As our faith grows, so does our prayer life. Michael K. Reynolds provides insight on strengthening your prayer life because "prayer is no longer an exercise in discipline, but a longing deep in our heart."