Cute little girl closed her eyes and folded her hand in prayer on a Holy Bible for faith concept in vintage color tone. simple secret to powerful prayer

The Simple Secret to Powerful Prayer

Coming before God is a blessing which uniquely represents and differentiates the relationship we share with our Father from other religions. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds talks about the simple secret to powerful prayer & asks us to examine the manner & purpose we find ourselves seeking Christ's face.

Faith Learned from my Kids

When we come before God as His children, do we have selfish motivations for seeking time with Him? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds calls us to evaluate the way we come into our Father's presence.
would Jesus wear relaxed fit jeans. woman on park bench on the phone, smiling and relaxing in a hat and jeans

Would Jesus Wear Relaxed Fit Jeans?

Would Jesus wear relaxed fit jeans? Michael K. Reynolds says being a Christian doesn’t mean we’ll always be comfortable. We may not look good but it’s a genuine and intimate faith we were created to wear.

The Prayer You Refuse to Pray

What has God been laying on your heart? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds nudges us to recognize the power of prayer, even in the midst of stressful situations.
blessed are the peacemakers. two white wedding doves on a white bench in a wedding ceremony

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Blessed are the peacemakers. "Every day we’re surrounded by a society desperate for the peace of God. We need to stop believing it’s someone else’s responsibility – someone more qualified, more stable or more righteous. We’ve been strategically placed in the lives of our friends for a reason."