The Bear that Ate Your Marriage

Marriage is our most important ministry, for those of us who are married. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds shares important and practical ways we can keep our marriage healthy and full of light.
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When the Lights go Out on Christmas

SCH Contributor Michael Reynolds urges us to take the Christmas message "out of our churches, through the streets, into our neighborhoods, and all throughout our cities illuminating a dark world with the shining brilliance of the Good News!"

The Gaping Hole in Your Happiness

We live in a world of performance, and we often fall into the rut of believing we need to perform for God. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds preaches the absolute truth of God's unconditional love for us, which has nothing to do with our actions, but who we are as His children.

Never Defeated

In a world that grows increasingly wicked, SCH Contributor, Michael K. Reynolds, offers a reminder that while we may abandon our faith at times like these, God never abandons us. He is still the same God He was when discovered Him for the very first time.
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How God Goes About Fixing All Your Problems

Control is something we cannot let go of, especially dealing with our lives. We wonder how God goes about fixing our problems. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds teaches the truth of allowing God to step in and show His strength and love for us.

The Dumbest Thing You Can Say To Your Wife

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds addresses many problematic cultural issues within relationships, especially a man's view of his wife. He calls women to continue praying and men to start listening.