Does Your Marriage Need Glasses?

In the years following your wedding day, you and your spouse may have drifted apart. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds advises that you repair this drift by experiencing a "Shared Vision" of faith, marriage, family, and your future together.
happy couple on vacation

Isn’t it Time Your Spouse was a Perfect Ten?

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds calls attention to the fact that watches in advertisements stop at a "Perfect Ten," at 10:10, just like some folks wish their spouse was a perfect ten. But life in a marriage is what happens with the second hand sweeping through each and every moment. Take time to reflect on the moments that happen at 10:10.
ashamed of the gospel. Bible at breakfast with mugs and plates

Ashamed of the Gospel

Have you ever "tucked Jesus away in the lock box and only take Him out when we feel it’s safe?" like you're almost ashamed of the gospel? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds encourages us to always take pride in our faith and to share our beliefs freely and joyfully.
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Could Your Marriage Use This Cool Glass of Water?

Could your marriage use this wisdom? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds reminds us that even "couples swimming in pools of marital bliss should be striving to strengthen the bond," even through actions as small as getting your spouse a glass of water, and putting their needs before your own.