Are your shoulders weary from the weight of the world? SCH Contributor Michael K Reynolds reminds us that the Spirit is more essential than oxygen itself.

Like Crack for Christians

Can evil gain a foothold in your life? SCH Contributor @Michael K. Reynolds assures that your love and faithfulness to God protects you! #faith #encouragement
fill your life with miracles beautiful sunrise over field on mountains

How To Fill Your Life With Miracles

What’s holding you back from having the kind of vibrant, eternally rewarding life God desires for you? SCH contributor Michael K. Reynolds shares ways to fill your life with miracles.
eliminate your worries. woman eating chocolate cookies and drinking coffee

Can This Chocolate Strategy Eliminate Your Worries?

"Worry is a disease that cripples and slowly kills. The cure is placing our faith in God." SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds tell how to eliminate your worries and reminds us that few ways express our faith in God more profoundly than staying calm during the storms of life.
God done for you lately. woman in lavender dress in field of flowers

What Has God Done for You Lately? by Michael K. Reynolds

Have you ever realized that many of our complaints today are about things we once fervently prayed for in the past? What has God done for you lately? Our answered prayers have become today’s whine. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds encourages you to be grateful for what you have, rather than resentful of you do not.