woman looking out into forest in winter - victory of surrender

The Victory of Surrender

In a sudden turn of events, Author Michael K. Reynolds came face-to-face with a core life value, causing him to question the value he previously embraced and to deeply consider the grace of God and the "victory of surrender."
woman laughing and splashing on dock

When it Feels Like Your Faith Isn’t Working

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds understands when you feel like your faith isn't working, or as he puts it, "Have you ever asked God for a refund?" But he encourages Christians to stay on the True path as the prophet Elijah did when his own beliefs were challenged.

The Terrible Truth About Christians

The world can be extremely hard on Christians, especially with our desire to share our faith. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds encourages us to continue sharing because we have a beautiful truth, the absolute truth.

Why I Don’t Pray

Our prayer life can become a daily outpouring of requests to God. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds reminds us of the importance of coming before our Heavenly Father in reverence, worshiping Him for all He has done and will do.
rivers of olive oil. gorgeous horses on beach

10,000 Rivers of Olive Oil

We live in a culture of comparison and our worth becomes measured by how much we do. Do we need 10,000 rivers of olive oil for sacrifice? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds reminds us of the truth of God's unconditional love; we are not compared to each other and our value is the simple fact that we are God's children.