little blond girl holding photographer's hand smiling - when you fail

Encouragement For When You Fail

When you fail, fight the urge to give up or become discouraged. God is enough for all of our challenges, as Pastor Michael Hayward provides encouragement for your soul today.
ocean dock at sunset - how to worship God

How To Worship God

What is the best way to show God our praise? Pastor Micheal Hayward offers us why worshipping God the right way is so important to our faith.
woman wearing boho style clothes touching grass, hand with lot of braceletes, summer day in the field, retro colors - God is everywhere

Why God Is Everywhere, All The Time

Do you marvel at the omniscient power of God? Today, Pastor Michael Hayward approaches the magnificent makeup of God and His desire to be with us.
brilliant orange sunrise with mountains and fields - how are we to be loving God

How Are We To Be Loving God?

We know that God loves us and works all things for our good, but how are we to be loving God? Let Pastor Michael Hayward's words feed your soul today.