The One Thing God Asks

To be available to God means you must be available for that one special thing, even if it seems small. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer reminds us to simply focus on what God is calling you to do now.

Getting Better at Handling Anger …and Then Even Better

Feelings of frustration and anger can be triggered in an instant. Learning to control these emotions can take years. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer offers some cool ideas on how to control a hot temper. When it comes to anger, we can always do better. And even when we believe we have self control, we can control ourselves better, too. Anger will happen. Frustration will come. But how we handle ourselves is up to us.

4 Ways To Pray For Your Kids

As a mom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all we should be doing for our kids’ spiritual development. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares 4 easy steps to give all of your worries to God in prayer!

WWII Medic and Baby He Saved … Reunited!

Hana, a Holocaust survivor, was just three weeks old when the Americans arrived, and she was very ill with skin infections. A medic cleaned all Hana’s sores, saving her life. By God's grace Tricia Goyer was able to connect Hana to the soldier who saved her.