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Last edited on: December 10, 2014.

Having sixteen years between babies, I forgot a lot. With my baby girl, I’m remembering. Remembering that I can’t even take a shower without peace, let alone get an hour of Bible Study prayer and journaling that I was used to. If you want time to study God’s Word but don’t find it possible with little ones, here are 7 Bible Study Ideas For Busy Moms.

1. Have Scripture emailed to you. For many years I read through the Bible on a reading plan. Here are some plans that get emailed to you.  You can chose to read the whole Bible through the year, but I’d recommend starting with the New Testament first. Also, if you get behind, don’t let the emails pile up. Delete the old ones and get back on track. It’s about reading God’s Word and spending time with Jesus … no guilt allowed!

2. Keep a Bible open on the kitchen counter. Yes, it might acquire spaghetti sauce stains, but I don’t think Jesus will mind. If it’s there and open you can read God’s Word and whisper thoughts and prayers to Him as the bread is toasting or the pasta is boiling. God’s ears are attuned to kitchen prayers just as much as ones whispered on your knees in a quiet morning.

3. Watch Christian sermons on YouTube. Some of my favorites are videos of Francis Chan, Beth Moore, Rob Bell (Nooma). I’ve pulled them up on my computer while I’m folding clothes instead of turning on Good Morning America or The View–much more uplifting!

4. Keep a devotional book in your bathroom. One of my recent favorites if Nothing is Impossible by Women of Faith. I’ve discovered I can read a devotion and meditate on the Scripture verse it in the time it takes to blow dry my hair.

5. Have a Bible Study time with your kids. For years I used Keys for Kids. It’s online and it’s FREE. The best part is the kids loved it and they kept me accountable!

6. Ask your husband to be your Bible reading partner. About seven years ago John and I started reading the Bible together before he goes to work. We read though the Bible, but we don’t try to stick to a Bible reading plan. (Tried that and it just stressed us out!) Instead, we just keep a bookmark in the Bible and pick up where we left off last time. We each take a turn reading a chapter out loud if we have time. If not we split a chapter and each read half. We don’t stress if we can’t get it in, but we enjoy it when we do. It also gives us great topics of conversation throughout the day.

7. Join a Bible Study. I know, I know this can be a challenge, but it can also be a great joy. I joined Bible Study Fellowship this year because they provide great studies and have an amazing children’s program. Not only do the moms get to hear God’s Word, the children do too. There is weekly homework, but it takes 15-20 minutes a day on average. I fit this in by waking up earlier than normal …  or by asking my husband to watch the baby for a few minutes. It’s hard for him to say no when I tell him I need to study the Bible!

Those are some things I’ve done. Now … what about you?




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