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Help! I’m Coming Unzipped by Carolyn Dunn

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in multiple directions? SCH Contributor Carolyn Dunn encourages you to learn the art of being present to live a healthy wholesome life.

Mom with child

The Lord, My God, Is With You by Darlene Sala

SCH Contributor Darlene Sala advises that far better than any advice a parent can give to a son or daughter is a life of Godly example.

Happy mother and father kissing their daughter in the park

The Big Benefits of Attending Church by Michael K. Reynolds

It’s Sunday morning and you want to sleep in. What’s keeping you from snoozing and missing church? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds lists the benefits of attending church – at its core is a healthy family life.

Naomi's Village 3 cute boys

Naomi’s Village Blog – Build a Home, Save a Village

At a dusty truck stop in the town of Maai Mahiu in Kenya, Naomi’s Village provided childcare and homes, with plans to build a community.

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How Does a Husband Lead His Wife and Family? Part II by Pastor Steve Carr

Do you have the spiritual eyesight necessary to lead your wife and children into the kingdom? Without knowing what the truth is, how can you lead them into the truth?

Summer time: Three sunflowers at dawn

In Light of the King’s Countenance by Amy Layne Litzelman

After a week of being stuck inside, SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzleman finds meaning and embraces the power of sunshine through a reading of Proverbs 16:15.

Proverbs 19:11

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Gourmet Paninis – Recipe by Erica Galindo

Whether you choose mesquite bbq turkey or hickory smoked ham, the secret to a great panini is creating layers that work on the grill. Join SCH Editor-in-Chief, Erica Galindo as she explores the options for the perfect panini.

Rainbow Carrots

Roasted Rainbow Carrots & Green Squash

Baby Rainbow Carrots add a gorgeous pop of color and go well with almost any menu. You can find them in specialty stores like Whole Foods or most local Farmer’s Markets.

Chimichurri Cutting Board

Grilled Skirt Steak with Sonoma Chimichurri

Nicknamed the “BBQ Sauce of Argentina” there are a lot of variations to be found. After trying quite a few, I came up with my own Sonoma style. Perfect for entertaining Sonoma Home Style.

Spicy Chicken Overhead

Spicy Roast Chicken with Cumin Jalapeno Sauce

Are you looking for ways to save time and yet still cook like a rock star? Do you like spicy flavor with a little kick? Then you will surely adore this recipe and keep it as a family favorite!

Snapper Medallions on Broccoli Rabe

Snapper Medallions with Broccoli Rabe and Beurre Blanc

Erica Galindo shares her everyday gourmet recipe for red snapper medallions paired with garlicky broccoli rabe, happily married with a classic beurre blanc.

Souffle Edited 2

Erica Galindo’s Sweet Potato Souffle

This recipe is always a tremendous hit at Thanksgiving. Everyone loves the sweet flavor accented with the subtle tones of vanilla, brandy and almond extract. It’s melt in your mouth delicious and a beautiful tradition for this special holiday.

Proverbs 19:11

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God’s Not Dead: Interview with Producer/Actor David A.R. White

In a world that increasingly denies the existence of God, this amazing film stands as a beacon of light! SCH Contributor Ginny Dent Brant interviews the man behind “God’s Not Dead,” getting an in-depth look at the film & the importance of our witness!


Noah – Movie Review

The sweeping storm surrounding the film NOAH is not about the epic flood as it is the controversy over director Aronofsky’s treatment of the Old Testament. Even with the disclaimer “artistic license has been taken”, Christians have responded with outrage. Don’t miss Bethany Jett’s latest review.


God’s Not Dead – Movie Review – Sonoma Christian Home

When his avid atheist Professor pushes him to abandon God, Josh takes a dangerous stand for faith. SCH Contributor April Kruger brings you her smart take on this empowering film!

Francine-Locke-Headshot SCH r.jpg

Francine Locke – The Ultimate SCH Interview

Francine is an award winning Christian actress: a strong woman of faith bringing light to the industry! SCH Contributor Raschelle Loudenslager talks to her about her new social justice film “Stand Your Ground”, and her inspiring life as a working actress and mother!


National Religious Broadcasters and Paramount Announce Explanatory Message for ‘Noah’

In response to outreach from the Christian film community, Paramount Pictures has a made a move to explain their take on the biblical story of Noah and the Ark. But just what message are they sending with their new disclaimer?

Son of God

Son of God – Movie Review

Son of God is the biggest movie about Jesus’ life to date – a huge step for faith-based movies in Hollywood! SCH Contributor Raschelle Loudenslager gives us the scoop on this Christ centered, life-changing film.