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‘Where Hope Grows’ Interview: Stars Kristoffer Polaha & David DeSanctis

With a friendship put to the test by tragedy, 'Where Hope Grows' is about finding redemption through faith & love. Starring leads Kristoffer Polaha & David DeSanctis give incredible boundary-breaking performances you won't want to miss! SCH Editor at Large Dawn Gregg chats with the men about their experience.

Writer/Director Chris Dowling Shares Passion in ‘Where Hope Grows’

Groundbreaking Director, Writer, Actor, and Producer Chris Dowling is bringing something beautifully new to the faith film scene with award-winning 'Where Hope Grows'! SCH Editor at Large Dawn Gregg chats with the visionary Director about his inspiration and passion for revolutionary filmmaking.


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Why “The Grass is Always Greener” is a Myth

Is your marriage in need of healing? SCH Contributor Terri Haley reveals the truth behind why "The Grass is Always Greener" is a myth and shares encouragement to fight for a dependable family bond.

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Have You Spent Winter in Survival Mode?

Are you feeling drained after a long winter? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe encourages moms to take advantage of the summer to pursue Christ and let His love wash over you and your children.

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